Can't have a brand without a logo! Get the perfect logo to brand your business properly. Text Based Logos do not include vector images. Text Based Logos can incorporate a combination of fonts, textures (glitter, foil, holographic, etc.) and colors.  WHAT'S INCLUDED?Primary LogoSubmark LogoSocial Media Profile Image 3 OPTIONS | 3 REVISIONSThe Client Will Pick Their Favorite Option and We Will ONLY Make Revisions To That Option.PLEASE EMAIL QUESTIONNAIRE BELOW TO info@kyunlimited.com1.       What is the name of your company? 2.       Which words in the company name do you want to emphasize? 3.       Do you want to include a tagline into the logo? 4.       What is your company’s field of business? 5.       What age group of customers are you targeting? 6.       What distinguishes you from other companies in this field? 7.       What style of fonts do you want incorporated in your design? (Cursive, artistic, bold, thin)8.       What colors do you want or not want to be used in your logo? 9.       Graphically speaking, what should the logo contain? (Think for shapes and elements for text based)10.       What do you intend to do with your logo? Where do you intend to display it? 11.    Do you have any other ideas or photos of your own for your logo Turnaround Time is 7-10 Business DaysANY AND ALL REVISIONS CAN CAUSE A DELAY,ADDITIONAL REVISIONS ARE $15

Text-Based Logo Full Development