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questions + ANSWERS

What's the process after ordering a Premade Website?

After purchase, you will receive a PDF File with banner designs. Edit these designs through Canva. I will then transfer or install the actual website into your account. Please allow up to 24 hours to transfer website. 48-72 hours on weekends. While you are waiting on the transfer please begin to edit your banners.

Which platforms/hosts are our Premade Sites able to be used on?

Wix and Shopify ONLY. We do not offer Premade Sites for any other website platforms.

How to transfer to an existing Wix or Shopify account?

If you want the website template transferred to your existing Wix account, please provide us with the email address that is currently associated with your Wix account. Installation will then be done by us.
If you want the website template to be uploaded to your existing Shopify account, please provide us with your Shopify site address. We will then send an access request over to you. Once accepted, we will go in to install the design.
You do not have to have an existing account with your selected web host (Wix or Shopify), If wanting a new account created, please leave business name in order notes.

Can you edit the banner designs and website layout?

Yes. You will be able to change colors, text, images, and more through Canva. You are also able to change the layout on the actual website. If need help doing so, please reach out for information for our Premade Site Customization Service Add-On.

Wanting a different template after purchasing another?

If deciding to want to switch platforms from either Wix or Shopify, the design difference of $35 will need to be made. If wanting a different premade design template, will have to pay the reinstallation fee of $20.

Do we offer to customize for you?

Yes, we offer to customize for you for an additional $35. Check out our Customization Service here.